The countdown for the 15th International SolarEX Istanbul Solar Energy and Technologies Fair, which the Clean Energy Enthusiasts Are Looking Forward to has begun

The countdown for the 15th International SolarEX Istanbul Solar Energy and Technologies Fair, which the Clean Energy Enthusiasts Are Looking Forward to has begun

In our journey, which we have begun to contribute to our national economy in order for it to become greener and more sustainable, we bring together the best of the sector for the 15th time.

The International SolarEX Istanbul Fair, which has reached the level of leadership in its field with the systematic works of Voli Fuar, one of the largest fair organizers in Turkey, brings together the world-class professionals of the sector in an area of 45,000 , which is 5 times larger with its newly added halls at the Istanbul Fair Center on April 6-7 and 8, 2023.

SolarEX Istanbul continues to offer the participants and visitors to experience the developments in the sector, and to create new investment opportunities globally.

The increasing energy costs in the world, the decrease in resources, the pollution caused by the use of existing resources and the negative effects on both economies and health have made the requirements for new, clean energy sources mandatory. As a result of this necessity, these fairs are the most effective way to bring together the R&D engineers, manufacturers and users in the right platform. SolarEX Istanbul continues to be an arena that benefits in many areas, from new investment areas to environmental factors, from national income to employment, in renewable clean energy, which will greatly reduce energy bills by reducing external dependence on energy.

SolarEX Istanbul hosts multi-million dollar deals

International Solarex Istanbul Fair is a commercial platform where the latest technology products in the sector are exhibited with the participation of world-renowned brand companies by taking important steps towards making our country the CENTER of the SUN”. The event, which cooperates with many international NGOs and organizations around the world, is preparing to bring together clean energy investors in the global arena at SolarEX Istanbul.

SolarEX Istanbul Fair is powered by Renewable Energy

As a part of its commitment to the sustainability of the event, SolarEX İstanbul provides contribution to the economy as well as the environmentally friendly investments, by raising awareness with conference sessions and presentations in order for the energy required by the investors to be generated by using the solar energy, which is a natural resource, by producing 100% of electricity from renewable sources together with world-reowned brand international participants participating in the fair. The use of electricity produced from solar energy is aimed to be carbon neutral, to minimize the formation of CO2 and thus to reduce the carbon impact significantly.

SolarEX Istanbul Exhibition Continues to Be an Environmentally-Friendly Event

SolarEX Istanbul Fair continues its efforts to be an environmentally friendly event. It reduces printed materials and recycles badges and rugs used in the fair. It saves electricity by using led technology. It conducts the visitor surveys via tablet and online in order to reduce the use of paper.

All the necessary needs for the event; stand materials, electronic devices, food/beverage materials, etc. are taken from areas closer to the event area. Thus, by creating a shorter supply chain, both time is saved and transportation-related emissions are reduced.

SolarEX continues to write success stories in the Istanbul Energy Sector.

By expanding the areas in the organization in each year with over 1000 brands and thousands of products of more than 300 leading companies in the solar sector, SolarEX Istanbul bring their cutting-edge technology products together with the international investors for the 15th time. In 2022 SolarEX İstanbul, the sector companies, who have made millions of dollars of investments, will exhibit their cutting-edge technology products in “2023 SolarEX Istanbul ” along with their increasing capacities, and will ensure that millions of dollars of foreign currency will enter our country thanks to new agreements that they make.

In conferences, which is held simultaneously with the fair, a live broadcast is made worldwide.

Emphasizing the importance of the sun on the way to energy independence in our country, which is a clean, renewable and continuous energy source, the International SolarEX Istanbul Fair brings together sector leaders with individual and mass environmentally friendly solutions. The event, which cooperates with many international NGOs and organizations worldwide, enables investors to find answers to all their questions about the latest developments in the solar sector worldwide by holding simultaneous conference sessions with live broadcast infrastructure accompanied by simultaneous translation. 

International Solarex Istanbul Fair is not only a commercial platform, but also a platform where innovations for the sector are seen and the latest technologies are shared with industry professionals.

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