Solarex İstanbul Hatıra Ormanı


SolarEX Istanbul, which is the export hub for the solar energy and technologies industry in Türkiye, stands as the country’s sole and the largest international exhibition in Eurasia, is gearing up to unite domestic manufacturers and brands with industry giants worldwide for the 16th consecutive time, scheduled for April 4-6, 2024.

Providing an exceptional platform to explore the latest technologies and trends in the solar energy industry, SolarEX Istanbul is set to welcome investors and qualified visitors from over 125 countries across five continents for its 16th edition. As Eurasia’s premier international specialized fair, SolarEX Istanbul fosters enduring trust through strategic collaborations, contributing significantly to energy transformation. It continues to play a pivotal role in the national economy, serving as a robust platform for showcasing cutting-edge technology products in the solar energy industry on the global stage, facilitating billions of dollars in agreements.

A Legacy for Future Generations from SolarEX Istanbul on the 100th Anniversary of Our Republic: SOLAREX ISTANBUL MEMORIAL FOREST

In its pursuit of transforming Türkiye into a self-sufficient energy producer and exporter while promoting a more sustainable economy, SolarEX Istanbul has initiated the SolarEX Istanbul Memorial Forest project. This endeavor involves the participation of Voli Fair Services employees and primary school students, aiming to create a more habitable world for future generations.

Yasemin TERLE, Project Manager for SolarEX Istanbul, expressed the following thoughts about the project:

As part of the SolarEX Istanbul family, we wholeheartedly endorse sustainability and ensure that every step we take aligns with our vision for a sustainable future. To give meaningful purpose to the participation of all companies in the fair, we are bolstering our commitment to environmental responsibility. This includes planting saplings in the SolarEX Istanbul Memorial Forest and issuing sapling donation certificates. We are delighted to realize our project, the SolarEX Istanbul Memorial Forest, which has been enriched with 10,000 saplings for the benefit of future generations. We accomplished this together with our children, who represent our future. On the 100th anniversary of our Republic, we dedicate the SolarEX Istanbul Memorial Forest, created for a greener future, to generations yet to come. Guided by the vision of sustainability and self-sufficiency for our country in the Century of Türkiye, we conduct our activities with a heightened sense of individual and collective awareness. Strengthening our work with projects that support an ecosystem embracing all living and non-living entities, SolarEX Istanbul extends beyond being a commercial platform. Aligned with the target plans outlined by our Ministry, we persist in our efforts towards environmental protection, economic development, and social progress—key pillars of sustainability. SolarEX Istanbul serves as the unifying force that brings together all the actors of the industry under its roof. Our company’s primary goal and mission is to ensure sustainability with the right steps, and to create a more livable world for future generations that is self-sufficient, environmentally conscious, and future-oriented.”

The fair features live broadcasts of conferences to the world, held at the same time as the exhibition.

A platform where the latest innovations and technologies for the industry are showcased and shared with industry professionals. SolarEX Istanbul is gearing up to host the industry leaders for the 16th time with eco-friendly solutions for both individual and collective needs. Expanding its exhibition space to include the Storage Solutions in Solar Energy hall, SolarEX Istanbul now presents future-oriented energy solutions to its exhibitors and visitors. Collaborating with numerous international NGOs and organizations, the event utilizes a live broadcast infrastructure with simultaneous translation to relay conference sessions held concurrently with the fair. This facilitates answering all questions related to the latest developments in the solar industry.

Join us at SolarEX Istanbul on April 4-6, 2024, for the most significant gathering in sustainable energy!

SolarEX Istanbul, the exclusive international event in Türkiye and the largest in Eurasia, showcasing premier solar energy solutions, the top choice for those investing in clean energy, is set to open its doors for its 16th edition on April 4-6, 2024. To participate in this significant gathering, meet renowned solar industry veterans at conference sessions, and obtain detailed information, visit

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