15. SolarEX Istanbul to Host Millions of Dollars of Investments in the Solar Sector!

15. SolarEX Istanbul to Host Millions of Dollars of Investments in the Solar Sector!

The export platform and center of the solar energy and technology products sector, Turkey’s first and only International SolarEX Istanbul Expo brings together 40,000 + international professional visitors for the 15th time with the leading companies of the sector in an area of 40,000 m2 area in Istanbul Exhibition Center, which is 5 times larger than others, between 6 – 8 April 2023.

SolarEX Istanbul brings together Turkish manufacturers and brands on the same stage with the giants of the sector from all over the world. Get ready for this technology festival in this important and big export platform and center, which will be visited by professional purchasing officials and opinion leaders from all over the world.

Turkey’s first and only international solar energy and technology expo, which is being waited for by all investors, producers, components, and end users in the sector excitedly, and where the new formations in the market shall make their debut, is of great importance for our country and the world.

All the world keeps an eye on Turkey!

The 15th SolarEX İstanbul expo, which shall be the first expo in the world calendar and the biggest International Specialization Fair in Eurasia in 2023, shall contribute to the country’s economy on a large scale by signing millions of dollars of agreements in which the latest technology products are making their debut in the international arena.

Bringing Turkish manufacturers and brands together with the world vision with its more than 35 years of experience and effective staff, Voli Fuar allows the companies in the sector to determine their positions in the world market with its innovative and young perspective!

The road map of energy is determined in SolarEX Istanbul.

Today, when the importance of energy is better understood by all countries of the world, the importance given by countries to renewable energy sources is increasing day by day. Investments in the field of renewable clean energy, where all countries of the world are united in a common ground, are also continuing rapidly. *In our world, where a life without energy seems very difficult, it is possible to meet our renewable energy needs from the sun with its safe, environmentally friendly, and unlimited source without being dependent on raw materials.

Last year, we hosted a lot of participants from Europe, the Middle East, and North African countries in our great organization, and on the 15th of it, professional purchasing experts from 5 continents and 125+ countries get together in 4 Halls with 40.000 sqm area in total.

In Solar Sessions, which is held simultaneously with the fair, a live broadcast is made worldwide.

Collaborating with many international NGOs and organizations in Turkey and around the world, SolarEX Istanbul allows investors to find answers to all their questions about the latest developments and financing of markets around the world by organizing conference sessions simultaneously with the expo, under a live broadcast infrastructure having simultaneous translation option.

As SolarEX Istanbul, we are proud to undertake such a valuable mission on behalf of our country and the world in this great organization that we traditionally carry out every year and where participants cross our borders. Professionals of the sector, who strive to benefit from clean solar energy at the highest level in an unlimited resource model, and investors, who are interested in the sector, meet on the same platform on April 6-8, 2023.

For conference registration, free invitation, and detailed information; see: www.solarexistanbul.com

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