About the Organizer

Regarding its strategic position and trade vision, Turkey is a crucial meeting point in the hub of Asia, Europe and the Middle East with the advantage being able to bring together producers and purchasers.

As of the year 2016, with over 77 million population as well as its neighboring countries, Turkey offers opportunity to reach a very huge market.

As a single location where Europe and Asia unite, Istanbul aims to be a brand new platform. We kindly invite you to take your place at this unprecedented venue.

With more than 30 sectoral and current publications and more than 30 websites, internet portals and management, we are the most established sectoral publisher of Turkey and with our group company, Istmag Publishing Group; we are happy to direct our innovative and solution-oriented approaches, keeping the pulse of our business partners at the heart of the economy and the heart of the industry through our position at the heart of the supply world.