SolarEX, the Brand Fair of the Solar Energy Sector,Meets with International Investors for 16th times!

SolarEX, the Brand Fair of the Solar Energy Sector,Meets with International Investors for 16th times!

SolarEX Istanbul, the fair of those who take the power of the sun as a reference, is preparing to bring together international professionals and qualified visitors from five continents and more than 125 countries on an area of 55 thousand m2 between April 4-6, 2024.

SolarEX Istanbul, Turkey’s largest International Solar Energy Technologies and Storage Fair in Eurasia, continues to contribute to the sector in terms of a sustainable world and combating the climate crisis, and to make a difference in the solar energy and renewable energy sector. SolarEX Istanbul, which takes its place in the world calendar in April of each year, is of great importance for our country and the world as a powerful arena where all investors, manufacturers, components and end users in the sector are eagerly awaited and all developments in the global market are unveiled.

Global Steps in Solar Energy Sector Taken at SolarEX Istanbul

SolarEX Istanbul, which adopts a green growth strategy by catching a high trend in the solar sector from global clean energy sources and strengthens sector exports and competitiveness with the business volume created by future-sensitive sector representatives, contributes to the brand value of the solar sector by bringing the borders of our country, which has a significant potential in solar energy, to the international arena thanks to its appropriate geographical location. SolarEX Istanbul, supported by the best players of the sector, continues to contribute to our country’s economy by turning Turkey’s energy potential into commercial success and to be the gateway of our domestic products to abroad.

Storage Solutions and Energy Congress in Solar Energy SolarEX Istanbul

SolarEX Istanbul, which offers power solutions for a sustainable clean future, offers the energy solutions of the future to its participants and visitors with the Solar Energy Storage Solutions hall that it added to its growing areas in its 16th year. Energy congresses, which are highly anticipated by those interested in the sector and will be held simultaneously with the fair, continue to guide the global energy transformation by hosting presentations that will guide academicians, sector experts and the sector from all over the world as well as energy professionals.

The Biggest Meeting of the Sector on April 4-6, 2024 at Istanbul Expo Center

The biggest meeting of the sector, which the solar energy sector is eagerly waiting for, will take place at the Istanbul Expo Center in Yeşilköy on April 4-6, 2024. You can visit to be a participant and visitor in Turkey’s only Eurasia’s largest international event.

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