SolarEX Istanbul, the most prestigious exhibition of the energy sector, brings together the stars of energy for the 15th time!

SolarEX Istanbul, the most prestigious exhibition of the energy sector, brings together the stars of energy for the 15th time!

Today, when the world economy starts to grow above the energy sector, the importance that countries attach to renewable energy sources is increasing rapidly.

As SolarEX Istanbul, we bring together the best players of the sector with the latest technology products for the 15th time in our journey that we set out in order to contribute to the sustainability of the economy as well as to reach the aim of becoming the Turkey, who produces its own energy and sells its energy to the world.

The International SolarEX Istanbul Fair, which has reached the level of leadership in its field with the systematic works of Voli Fuar, one of the largest fair organizers in Turkey, brings together the world-class professionals of the sector in an area of 45,000 m², which is 5 times larger with its newly added halls at the Istanbul Fair Center on April 6-7-8, 2023.

SolarEX Istanbul continues to create a collaborative environment for the future of renewable unlimited energy.

While global growth and population growth continue, the need and demand for energy is increasing day by day. Energy sector, as the number one player in global economic development, remains the undisputed leader in the field of green economy. While the energy sector is trying to use energy resources in a sustainable way, it is also working on developing the ways of using them efficiently. Turkey continues to make great strides in reducing foreign dependence on energy and going towards national resources. While energy nationalization remains one of the main agendas of the government, the International SolarEX Istanbul Fair unites the forces of the most important companies in its field, paving the way for the creation of effective sales networks and for companies to make important agreements by seizing new opportunities with their innovative product ranges.

Today, as the global transition to a low-carbon economy accelerates and developed and developing countries enter a transformation process in the energy sector, investments are gaining momentum to make the most of solar energy, which is an unlimited and clean resource model. SolarEX Istanbul, which offers all the opportunities required for investment to sector investors, enables the establishment of new business connections by following the new formations in the market and creating new business opportunities with effective promotional opportunities.

SolarEX Istanbul takes its claim in the international arena to the highest level with its 2023 organization.

Within the scope of the qualified fair supports allocated by the Turkish Ministry of Commerce for only 38 of the nearly 800 general sectors in our country,

“SolarEX Istanbul Solar Energy and Solar Technologies Fair”, which maintains its identity as “the only International Fair”, continues its works for a more efficient world and greener future by taking firm steps as it is bringing together approximately 45,000 professionals from 125 countries from 5 continents on a total area of 45,000 m² together with nearly 1000 brand representatives of more than 300 world-leading companies in 2023.

Collaborating with many international NGOs and organizations in Turkey and around the world, SolarEX Istanbul allows investors to find answers to all their questions about the latest developments and financing of markets around the world by organizing conference sessions simultaneously with the expo, under a live broadcast infrastructure having simultaneous translation option.

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