The Giants of the Solar Energy Sector shall be together 16th times at International Solar Energy Fair SolarEX Istanbul for a Sustainable World

The Giants of the Solar Energy Sector shall be together 16th times at International Solar Energy Fair SolarEX Istanbul for a Sustainable World

International SolarEX Istanbul, the first and only energy and energy technologies fair in Turkey and the largest in Eurasia broke a new record in its 15th year with the participation of 348 global companies, 251 of which are domestic and 97 of which are foreign, and of 41,425 qualified visitors.

SolarEX Istanbul, which has been constantly on the rise by aiming for the sky each year, continues to determine the roadmap of energy by hosting the leading solar technologies of the future and the best in the industry with a record number of participants and visitors in its 16th year.

“We carry the boundaries of the national industry to the international arena”

Stating that they have achieved significant success by growing by 50 percent compared to the previous year, SolarEX Istanbul Project Manager Yasemin Terle said; “SolarEX Istanbul, which has been held with intense participation from different parts of the world, has once again revealed its difference in the sector by bringing together the companies participating in the fair, commercial procurement delegations and qualified visitors. As SolarEX Istanbul, in our 16th year, we will bring together 500 global participants with 55,000 global visitors from 125 countries, as well as host senior executives of public and non-governmental organizations from abroad. In our newly added halls every year, we will continue to contribute to the sector and the country’s economy and host exciting collaborations by bringing together hundreds of companies and thousands of innovative products from different geographies of the world on the same platform. In our country, which has many advantages in terms of clean and unlimited energy, we are looking forward to carrying the borders of domestic industrialists to the international arena and to coming together with our participants and visitors at the SolarEX İstanbul for the 16th time.”.

Solar energy continues to be Turkey’s growing power

Owing to the fact that investments in solar energy nowadays exceed investments in oil production, studies in the field of global clean energy show that solar energy will be the shining star in economies. Turkey, which has a strong position in the field of sustainable and renewable energy, continues to grow every year in the clean energy sector.

International SolarEX Istanbul, which started 16 years ago to make our country the world’s “Center of the Sun” in the solar sector, continues to be a strong arena and contributes to the sector with an increasing number of participants and visitors every year.

SolarEX İstanbul is preparing to be the biggest meeting of the sector not only in Turkey but also in Eurasia in its 16th year!

SolarEX Istanbul, which enlarges its areas with the increasing number of participants and visitors every year, is preparing to bring together the giants of the solar sector and qualified visitors on the same platform on an area of 55 thousand m2 with its newly added halls in its 16th year. You can visit to be a participant and visitor at SolarEX Istanbul, Turkey’s only international event where developments in the sector, new technologies, and solar energy solutions are presented in the best way.

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