The Energy Map of the World is Redefined at the 15th SolarEX Istanbul 2023!

The Energy Map of the World is Redefined at the 15th SolarEX Istanbul 2023!

SolarEX Istanbul, which is held regularly in the first week of April every year, has gained the identity of being the first organization on “Solar Energy and Technologies” among international fairs in the world fair calendar. SolarEX Istanbul continues to be an important organization where the latest technology products are presented to the global market. SolarEX Istanbul for the 15th time in the first week of April this year, as every year; is preparing to open its doors to producers, investors and visitors.

SolarEX Istanbul Will Host Millions of Dollars of Investments in the Solar Sector!

SolarEX Istanbul Project Manager Yasemin Terle “Organized by the Voli Fair Services Inc. organization of SolarEX Istanbul, from 2008 to the present day, it is the first and only international event of the “Solar Energy and Renewable Energy” sector in Turkey with the support of the Ministry of Trade of Republic of Türkiye.

As the organizer, we are proud of gaining the trust of the solar industry with the 15th SolarEX Istanbul Fair. It is inevitable that renewable energy sources, which are the only starting point for the global energy and climate crisis, will become widespread in the shortest possible time with maximum efficiency.

As SolarEX Istanbul, we are experiencing the excitement of bringing the latest technology products to its international investors for the 15th time by expanding the exhibition areas of more than 300 leading companies of the solar industry with 1000+ brands and thousands of products every year. As the Solar Energy sector, we will contribute to the inflow of millions of dollars into our country, thanks to the new agreements that the sector companies, which have made millions of dollars in investments at 2022 SolarEX Istanbul, will exhibit their products at 2023 SolarEX Istanbul. Increasing energy costs globally, decrease in resources, pollution caused by the use of existing resources and its negative effects on both economies and health have made the need for new, clean energy sources mandatory. As a result of this necessity, fairs are the most effective way to bring together R&D engineers, manufacturers and users in solar technologies as soon as possible. Although more specific solutions have been paved for the needs of the market, the contribution of SolarEX to exports is undeniable, as it is being held in our country.”

Solarex Istanbul Makes Our Country The Center Of The Sun

Considering the increasing population, decreasing resources, pollution caused by population density and the resulting destruction in the world, the importance of clean, economical and recyclable new energy sources becomes even more prominent. Energy is the basic requirement of every living organism to sustain its life. Increasing this need and the fact that solar energy systems, which emerged as an alternative way, are much more rational, economical and functional, increases the interest in this field every day for investors, producers and consumers.

SolarEX Istanbul, which made publicity by participating in 12 international fairs on 5 continents from America to the United Arab Emirates last year, is expanding its scope this year, bringing especially purchasing delegations from abroad to Istanbul. It continues to offer a strong commercial arena for the solar sector with the organization where solar energy investors and industry professionals from Eastern Europe to the Near East, from the Middle East to North Africa will come together in 2023.

The International SolarEX Istanbul Solar Energy and Technologies Fair, which set out 17 years ago to make our country the “center of the sun” in the solar industry, continues to be a strong arena with a record number of participants and visitors. Hosting a total of 35,000 visitors, 28% of which are foreigners, from 97 countries in 2022, International SolarEX Istanbul, in its 15th year, will be held on 06-07-08 April 2023, in an area of 40 thousand m2 within the body of Istanbul Expo Center, with the slogan “We are Growing Together”. , supplier, aims to reunite users.

Solution of Increasing Invoice Costs at the 15th International SolarEX Istanbul

As SolarEX Istanbul, in addition to our strategic solution partnership with the international AREC, MESIA, BIGMEV, 10TIMES, EXPOSALE, EUAE, CLEANTECH BUSINESS CLUB, top NGOs of the sector’s in the global market, we have collaborations with many important institutions and organizations that support green and sustainable development, especially Gunder, which is the only union in its field in our country.

“SolarEX Istanbul Solar Energy and Solar Technologies Fair”, which has maintained its identity as the “Only International Fair” of the solar industry for many years, within the scope of qualified fair support defined by the Republic of Türkiye Ministry of Trade for only 38 out of nearly 800 general sectors, will be held in our country for many years. It aims to continue its work confidently for a more efficient world and a cleaner future by planning to bring together nearly 1000 brand representatives of over 1000 world-leading companies and approximately 45.000 professionals from 125 countries from 5 continents in a total area of 45.000 sqm.


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