Technical Conditions for Stand Installation

  • Starting at 15:00 on Sunday, March 31
  • Ending at 20:00 on Wednesday, April 03 (Then laying and general cleaning of corridor carpets shall start.)

10:00 Thursday, April 04.

  • Starting at 19:00 on Saturday, April 06.
  • Ending at 15:00 on Sunday, April 07.
  • It is mandatory to set up special stands in accordance with the project approved by the fair management.
  • The maximum construction height to be approved for custom stand projects is 4 meters. If the stand is taller than 4 meters, An undertaking signed by the architect is mandatory. 3.500 TL + VAT per stand is charged for static control fee.
  • Maximum height is 5 meters for two-storey stands. Static project approval and authorized signature are mandatory for two-storey stand projects.
  • Stand height in the foyer area is 3.5 m. is Wooden stands, welding, iron cutting, paint, drywall, wood cutting are strictly prohibited in the foyer area.
  • It is obligatory to request approval by informing the technical office in the exhibition area for any changes in the stand projects.
  • If custom stand projects are not notified to the technical office within this period, the start of work in the stand area will not be authorized.
  • The maximum allowable stand height in such stands without a project is 2.50 m. (with the approval of the technical office)
  • Exhibitors who will use a height of more than 2.50 m must cleanly close the back walls of their stands. If this application is not made, the organizer will invoice the relevant exhibitor for the cost of the construction application to be made by itself.
  • The island stands in the middle area must be open at 50% of each side so as not to leave the neighboring stands behind or on the sides in a blind dark spot.
  • In stand disassembly: The stand area must be delivered clean after disassembly. If there is any debris left in the stand area, it will be photoghraphed and 10.000 TL + VAT per stand will be invoiced for shipping, handling fee.
  • Installation of unapproved projects will not be allowed. In order for the stand projects to be approved, the drawings in which all the dimensions of the stand can be read clearly, and including electricity, (water and compressed air if any) demands must be sent to Deadline:(18 March 2024)
  • This approval is for checking whether the above-mentioned points are complied with electrical, mechanical, architectural, etc. Applications are the sole responsibility of the exhibitor.
  • With the decision of Istanbul Expo Center Management, food cannot be ordered from outside for exhibitor staff and stand visitors. It is obligatory to receive service from the catering company located in the foyer area. However, you are free to supply small treats, cookies, cakes, soft drinks etc. for your visitors from anywhere.

Caterer of Expo Center will meet all your food and beverage needs during the booth setup and during the event days and will provide fast and convenient catering service to your booth.
Contact: Ms. Selin Zeytinoğlu +90 533 140 1386


  • GRUPTRANS Logistics Company provides services to meet the crane, forklift, and handling needs in the fairgrounds and halls. For your forklift etc. needs, it will be beneficial for you to inform the following authorized staff in advance.
    Murad +90 532 354 9014 –
    Mr. Onur +90 530 944 8778 / Mr. Hüseyin +90 533 739 2725
  • Exhibitors are obliged to make their promotions within their own stand area. All kinds of promotional materials (footprint, roll up, mascot, brochure holder, flag) outside the booth area are subject to a fee. Please get information about the such promotions from the event officials.