SolarEX Istanbul, the singular hub for energy sector strategy in Türkiye and the largest international fair in Eurasia, remains the guiding force for companies influencing the economy and continues to unite sector representatives worldwide on a single, impactful platform.

Included in the annual “Sectoral Fairs” list by the Ministry of Trade, SolarEX Istanbul is gearing up to open its doors for the 16th time from April 4-6. The event boasts newly added halls and a sprawling 55,000 m2 fair area, attracting manufacturers, investors, and visitors alike.

Attaining international recognition in the solar energy and technologies sector, SolarEX Istanbul continues to distinguish itself as a key player. Through strategic advertising and promotional efforts across various global regions, it bolsters its position as the leading platform, propelling the Century of Türkiye forward with solar power.

SolarEX Istanbul is the epicenter for value-driven opportunities in the solar energy sector!

Forging collaborations with industry leaders, conducting trust-based, long-term activities, and contributing to the green energy transformation, SolarEX Istanbul expands its footprint in its 16th year. The event will host investors and qualified visitors from five continents and over 125 countries on a sprawling 55,000 m2, growing its existing areas fivefold.  Closely followed by companies operating within the sector and stakeholders, SolarEX Istanbul continues to guide sector brands on their growth journey in energy. It facilitates world-class initiatives, serving as a robust compass from new investment areas to environmental considerations, and national income to employment.

Explore cutting-edge solar energy storage solutions at SolarEX Istanbul!

Enjoying robust and rapid growth with unwavering sector trust and support, SolarEX Istanbul convenes sector leaders in renewable energy investments, pioneering solar energy projects, legislation pertaining to the storage sector, and energy storage solutions. The 16th year introduces the Storage in Solar Energy hall, expanding on its existing variety of focus areas. Collaborating with numerous international NGOs and organizations, SolarEX Istanbul utilizes a live broadcast infrastructure with simultaneous translation to relay conference sessions held concurrently with the fair. This facilitates answering all questions related to the latest developments in the solar industry.

Uncover all-encompassing strategies for unlocking the potential of solar energy at SolarEX Istanbul!

Pioneering as the first and only international event in the solar energy and technologies sector, SolarEX Istanbul presents the best the sector has to offer for the 16th time at the Istanbul Expo Center on April 4-6, 2024, showcasing state-of-the-art products. For free invitations and detailed information, please visit

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